Saturday, July 04, 2009

Writing tools

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It is important to submit your draft chapter as soon as you complete it. A good supervisor will read and make any grammatically error or sentences correction.

I am very lucky because my supervisor, Dr Neil A. Rowson is very helpful in that sense. There several tool you can apply to enhance your thesis quality.

1. A proper record and notes in your log book will help your memory to recall any doubt when you do the writing.
2. Endnote or other bibliography software to help your bibliography format. This kind of software will help you to manage the bibliography while you are writing.
3. Table of contents format which you could found from ms word. This TOC will help you create the table of contents, figures and tables with their respective page automatically.
4. Proper management or filing of article and books will help you to find the reference while you writing.
5. Ask your friends to read and comment your chapter before you submit the draft to your supervisor.
6. An academic sentence rather than general sentence increase the quality of your thesis.
7. A general academic sentence to begin your writing provided from several site is very useful for you. Sometimes, we know what to write but do not know how or where to start.

Enjoy your writing…

…next preparation for viva

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