Friday, July 03, 2009

Thesis Writing

Thesis complete!Image by cowlet via Flickr

My entry this time is about thesis writing. I would like to share my experience during my thesis writing some time ago at Birmingham University.
Before you start your writing, it is important to ask your supervisor whether your data is good enough to start the writing. Some of my friends did their writing during their experimental time but at the end of the day, he was very upset because the texts have to be deleted because it was not in line with their data. Sometimes we got unpredictable data.

1. Writing a thesis not necessary to start with first chapter and finished with final chapter but otherwise you could start with data analysis chapter than literature review than conclusion and so on with final chapter surprisingly is introduction chapter!
2. Draft your thesis outline and discuss with your supervisor.
3. Draft your gun chart time schedule for your draft outline to manage your time.
4. During your writing, it is useful to read as many as English book as you could to establish your mind in English. This effect comes without your knowledge!
5. Start your writing as early as you can i.e. 4am. This is the most barakah time to start your writing as your brain still fresh and nobody could disturb your attentions. Dr Abdullah As Saudi give this useful tips.
6. When you are out of ideas for particular topic or sub topic, jump to other topic or sub topic. That particular uncompleted topic or sub topic would be completed at other fresh day.

To be continue...

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